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PostSubject: CHANGES   CHANGES Icon_minitimeWed Jul 30, 2008 2:00 pm

Writing the same topic here so everyone can take part of this important information(was written by morsel in the first place):

Due to many people leaving to become members of recently reborn Booty Bay Bullies, amongst them many officers, this forum will be completely erased in 1 week starting from now.

Me (Morsel/Vamp) and the people who left Köping will thank you for the time we had together, it was fun to play with all of you.
I know some of you might take this badly, be angry and blame and flame us, but please remember that this is just a game and we, too, want to have as much fun as possible. We took this opportunity to play with old and new friends alike and chill abit before the expansion (raiding will of course be a part of our time in BBB aswell).

Take care everyone, and see you in-game I love you
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